Atlantic Fashion Week

by Matt Bowness | September 20, 2013

So, if you follow me on facebook or other social media, you might know that I'll be displaying at Atlantic Fashion week again this year.  It'll be my second year at the show, which is the largest runway show in Atlantic Canada.

This year I've got Kelly Caseley collaborating with me, which is a huge help.  For a long time I've wanted to do some things, but I've been unable to do them because, well, I can't sew.  Kelly studied fashion at the International Design Academy, and is a master at all this stuff.  She's not just sewing though, she's helping creatively as well.  I definitely couldn't do this show without her help.

You can check out the Atlantic Fashion Week website, and if you're in Halifax, you could get yourself a ticket.

I can promise you that this year you'll see stuff from me that you've never seen before and, based on the amount of time these pieces are taking, you'll never see them again!