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by Matt Bowness | May 25, 2014

From April 30th until May 17th I had a show at the gallery at The Guild in Charlottetown. Nnow that the show is off the walls, I thought I should put the images online so other people can see them!

The show was called "Winged" because I used beetle wing covers.  Models were covered in the wing covers using liquid latex to help them stick.  Once the latex dried the models could move around and everything stayed in place.

Most of the images are mirror images, I wanted images the were clearly human, but still difficult to identify.  It was about organic shapes, and the symmetry found in the beetles themselves.

This first shot is the only one I hung that wasn't a mirror image, I thought it was stunning and I didn't want to mess with it so I used it as the promotional image for the show.


So, here are the images, and thanks for looking.



Thanks to the models, my assistants, and my makeup artist.






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