Lengths and Sizing

 I will adjust any necklace for you.  When you checkout there will be a box for comments.  Free free to mention the length you would like.  I'll adjust it, no charge.



  1.    14 inch Choker - The shortest of Necklaces.  They sit high on the neck.
  2.    20 inch Princess - Many of my necklaces come in this length, sits lower than a choker.  Make a nice length to display small or   intricate details.
  3.    22 inch Matinee -  This length typically sits at the cleavage.
  4.    30 Inch Opera -  These necklaces typically sit at or below the breastbone.
  5.    42 inch Lariat -  These necklaces have no clasp, rather they have a hook at one end and a loop at the other.  A lariat may be single or wrapped around the neck and clasped with the hoop through the loop or chain.  The lariat may also be closed by feeding the items at one end partially through the loop, leaving some on the outside of the loop to prevent slippage.



Wikihow has a very handy guide to figuring out your ring size, here  The most common female ring size is a 6.  The majority of womens fingers are between 5 and 7.  I am capable of any size between 3-14.

The most common mens ring size is 10.


Sterling Silver Ring